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Residential & Commercial Electrical Contractor in LBI

  • Photocells & Time Clocks are used for external lighting to save engergy and time
  • Motion & occupancy sensors are installed in storage rooms, basements, attics, and other areas of your warehouse or office
  • Replace your existing lighting with LED, CFL or electronic ballasts to save your business hundreds of dollars a year…Refer to the table below to see how the figures add up:


Cost Savings Comparison of Standard Incandescent Lights, CFL, & LED
Incandescent Light Bulbs
(Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs)
LED (Light-Emitting Diode Light Bulbs)
Life Span (in hours) 1,500 10,000 60,000
Watts 60 14 6
Cost $1.345 $2.98 $54.95
KWh of electricty used over 60k hours 3,600 840 360
Electricity Cost (@ $0.23 per KWh) $821.72 $191.73 $82.17
Bulbs needed for 60k hours of usage 40 6 1
Equivalent 60k hour bulb expense $53.80 $17.88 $54.95
Total 60,000 Hour Lighting Spend $875.52 $209.61 $137.12